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Meet the ‘peas in our pod’ and discover some of our treasured possessions.

Linda Fay

Linda Fay

Founding Director

In 2014, after a period of study with The Institute for Challenging Disorganisation, Linda became the UK’s only practitioner to hold Specialist Certificates in Chronic Disorganisation & Hoarding Disorder; an accolade she still holds today.

Prior to setting up Life-Pod, Linda had a long and successful career in the utilities and finance sectors where ultimately, she held a senior position as a change communications and engagement manager.

Elmer the elephant

Over the years, I have acquired a wee herd of elephants. Like me, they value loyalty and compassion, and like to offer comfort and support with a simple hug. I love all ele’s but Elmer represents the value of embracing our individuality and uniqueness.

Harbeth speakers

Music feeds my soul. I have a very eclectic taste in tunes – ranging from Morcheeba to Martina McBride to Metallica, but i’m selective about listening devices. Hence, my Harbeth speakers are a prized possession.

garden plants

When not working, I enjoy pottering with my plants either in my house or small garden space. There’s something rather lovely about planting trees, shrubs and flowers and watching them flourish. I particularly like to see wildflower meadows.

Roger Phethean

Roger Phethean

Client Services Director

Roger’s career in mental health started in 2003 as a support worker, and has since progressed steadily in the health & social care profession into senior service delivery roles.

Roger believes the feeling of assisting someone to fulfil some of their goals in life is at the same time,  humbling and uplifting; and to help a fellow human being with whatever challenges they may have,  find a way through a difficult time in their life is healing for all involved.

Book: To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird: I read this book back in high school and was immediately impacted by the pathos, hypocrisy and contradictions in all societies.

My connection to New Zealand through a Maori “Mere”. The timelessness of this simple design and solidity of the jade take me back to my childhood and growing up in New Zealand.

This porcelain figurine was given to me by a friend from Thailand who wanted to protect and keep me safe: wherever I travel to in the world it always travels with me.

Alesha Cooper

Alesha Cooper

Specialist Practitioner

Alesha has worked in social care for over 12 years. She is fascinated by human behaviour and believes that all actions or activities serve a purpose for a person. Alesha is passionate about helping people to find strategies to improve their quality of life.

Alesha's green'Chucks'

I have lots of pairs of Converse (trainers are my thing!) but these are my oldest and most favourite pair; complete with skull and star doodles!  I still wear these from time to time but certainly not when its raining as they have little left in the way of soles!

Having mostly lived in flats I always yearned for my own garden which I am now fortunate enough to have..  I love sitting out of an evening, with a fire roaring beside me, some music playing and the breeze lifting the scent of the lavender plants.  Lots of different ‘stuff’ makes its way into my garden and gets re-purposed as planters including an old dog bowl, a candelabra and a china basin!

Aleshas paints and brushes

Painting and Art is my biggest passion in life so my palette, paints, brushes and sketchbooks are always out.  Some of my paintbrushes I have had since going to Art College and there is little left in the way of bristles.  Mainly I paint ‘what I see’ so lots of landscapes, architectural work and still life’s but I am currently taking on more portraiture work and continuing to evolve my style.

Diane Finnie

Finance Director

No beige in my house! Whilst I do admire the ‘Kelly Hoppen look’ it’s not for me. I enjoy choosing fabrics/materials and other accessories to furnish my home and am often found changing buttons or door handles, moving furniture around or recovering cushions and lampshades to create an interesting look.

I feel very fortunate to have travelled extensively over the years and enjoy getting immersed into the culture of the countries. I generally travel independently and enjoy staying in locally run accommodation and enjoy sampling the food of the place I am in. Vietnam would be my recommendation to anyone wanting to travel to a place where not only is the experience amazing, the food is cheap and delicious.

I am passionate about both cooking and eating food and am hooked to all the cooking shows on TV. I am happy in a rustic, ‘cheap and cheerful’ cafe but also appreciate the wonderful food and experience in a Michelin star restaurant. I enjoy cooking for friends and family and my 3 key ingredients for a great meal out have to be tasty food, good ambience and great company.


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