How long do you work with people for?2021-10-10T14:37:43+01:00

This depends on many factors and will be discussed as part of our assessment process. What we can say based on our knowledge and experience is that typically we work with clients for many months (sometimes years) to help them understand their reasons for acquiring and saving, whilst also making their home safer and more comfortable.

Can I access funding to pay for your services?2021-10-10T14:37:36+01:00

Many of our clients receive funding through their Local Authority following an assessment carried out by a health and social care professional. Speak to your GP or contact Social Care Direct for more information. Share our Conversation Starter document with them if you think it may be useful, or tell them about Life-Pod specialist services.

What is the cost for your specialist service?2023-09-13T20:41:08+01:00

Currently, our specialist services are charged at £45* per hour. This rate includes reasonable travel costs, provision of PPE for practitioners and disposal sacks for removal of items by us using our own transport.
*exclusive of VAT (if applicable).

Do you carry out house clearances?2021-10-10T14:36:57+01:00

Life-Pod is not a cleaning nor a house clearance company.
Whilst working with a client, we will remove smaller unwanted items from their home. If necessary, and with the client’s agreement, we can arrange a special uplift (or skip hire) for larger or volumes of items. Additional costs for these services are chargeable to the client.

How do I make a referral?2023-09-13T20:37:49+01:00

Send an email using the contact form or email info@life-pod.co.uk.

Do you have a waiting list?2021-10-10T14:35:17+01:00

Sometimes, when our practitioners are working at capacity we have to create a waiting list. Please contact us to find out the current situation.

Which geographical areas do you cover?2021-10-10T14:40:06+01:00

Currently, we provide ‘hands-on’ help at home for people across the central belt of Scotland.

VIRTUAL (online/telephone)
We are developing a distance coaching package and will begin a pilot programme at the start of 2022. For the pilot, we will coach people who live within 2-4 hours travel distance from Edinburgh. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Clouds End CIC – West Midlands
Hoarding Disorders UK – Bath, Berkshire, Bristol, Devon, Gloucestershire, London, Sheffield.

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