for professionals

Our Joint Award with The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) provides a certified learning pathway for hoarding practice.

Testimonials & Feedback

"I believe that I will now be able to take a much more informed approach to working with this client group."

"I feel I will give a more empathetic approach and greater understanding of the condition."

"It has made me look at my past practice when working with clients with hoarding behaviours."

"I’ll be able to provide better support and service due to knowledge and skills provided."

"More aware of root causes, impact, co-morbidity. Can apply models. Will be able to be more empathetic and realistic in setting achievable goals/outcomes with clients."

"Course has raised my awareness in terms of causes, services available, financial streams and social work practice."

"I now have the knowledge/tools to give service users a more tailored service that actually can help with their needs."

  • My learning objectives were fulfilled by this training event.94%
  • I will do my job differently as a result of this training.90%
  • I would recommend this training to others.100%