our tribe

Linda Fay

founding director

07841 289 673

  • Elephants: symbolic of my core values - loyalty and compassion (ele’s offer comfort and support with a simple hug) – this one, a gift from my sister, is a favourite in my collection.
  • Fascinator: I’m a Scots lassie who wears her freckles, peely-wally skin, red hair and tartan with pride.
  • Home: wee bit of a “home-bird”; I like to travel and explore new places, but I love to come back home again.
  • Daughter: my love knows no bounds. She's a bit bigger now but still my beautiful baby girl.
  • Music: feeds my soul. I have an electric taste in tunes and I treasure my Harbeth speakers.
  • Beau: the yin to my yang; my partner in crime.
  • Moggies: bundles of fun who bring pure joy to my heart.
  • Random acts of kindness: whilst on holiday in New York, this softball was given to me by a man playing a game with his friends in Central Park. He'd written a message saying "to my friend".
  • Painting: enjoy 'upcycling' and being creative (not least because it helps to maintain good mental health and wellbeing).

Roger Phethean

client services director

07421 329 380

  • Family: I’ve been away from them for 27 years and I look at this photo daily for strength, connection and love.
  • Book: “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee - I read this book back in high school and was immediately impacted by the pathos, hypocrisy and contradictions in all societies.
  • Green stone: my connection to New Zealand through a Maori “Mere”. The timelessness of this simple design and solidity of the jade take me back to my childhood and growing up in New Zealand.
  • Quaich: I bought this for my mother “to drink a cup of kindness”, and when she passed away it was given back to me by my family.
  • Belle: she’s her own cat! Independent but always at home; feisty but affectionate; naughty, uninhibited fluffy bundle of love.
  • African man: bought in busy, bustling London – he stands calmly, thoughfully, contemplating life.
  • My wife and me: it’s always important to recall the fun, happiness and love that binds us together.
  • TAG Heuer: My most expensive watch – classic, simple design – form and function personified.

Sue Hudson Craufurd

training associate

  • Plaque: a nod to my Irish roots and a reminder of MINT in Dublin.
  • Paperweight: belonged to my granny and I played with it when I visited her.
  • Home-baking: the cake and biscuit tin is well used in our house.
  • Dogs: I cannot imagine not having dogs.
  • Portobello: I just love it!
  • Thelma & Louise: reminds me of me and my best friend; she knows who she is.
  • Stained Glass: I enjoy making it.
  • Bauble: the family bauble is always the last thing to go on our Christmas tree.
  • Leunig: Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and difficult as that. There is no other way.

Laura Inglis

client services practitioner