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Chronic Disorganisation & Hoarding Specialist



Joint Award between Life-Pod and The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland

Life-Pod level 1 training

Hoarding Awareness



This course gives an overview of hoarding behaviours and characteristics, discusses interventions and treatments, and highlights the skills and competencies required to engage with and support people who hoard.
Life-Pod Level 2 training

Helping People Who Hoard



This course helps participants to understand hoarding behaviour and other complex health conditions that result in clutter and disorganisation. The course also explores evidence-based interventions and treatments, and draws on the experiences of the participants in developing skills to work with people who hoard.
Life-Pod MI training

Motivational Interviewing



This interactive course introduces participants to the theory, principles and practice of Motivational Interviewing to help people make positive change.
An eLearning module must be successfully completed in advance of the training days.
Life-Pod Level 3 training

Clutter - Hoarding Practitioner



This learning programme is designed to be completed in approx 12 months.
Part 1: Helping People Who Hoard
Part 2: Motivational Interviewing
Part 3 Practical skills; Ethics and standards; Collaborating with others
Part 4: Shared learning workshop
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