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We are the UK’s sole certified Chronic Disorganisation and Hoarding Specialist. We are a social enterprise Community Interest Company whose main aim is to help people who are affected by hoarding and other conditions that result in clutter and disorganisation.

We understand the complex issues surrounding hoarding behaviour, which is why we adopt a person-centred approach to providing long-term solutions.

We do not condone enforced clearouts. Our guiding principle is ‘first, do no harm’.

We provide pragmatic and hands-on support for people in their home. Our main focus is on improving people’s safety and well-being.

We work in partnership with clients, helping them to understand their habits and support them to make positive changes in their lives.

We recognise and celebrate human diversity and respond with care and compassion to every individual client.

News & Events

International Conference 2018: Hoarding, Health & Housing

Clutter & Hoarding

What is hoarding and what help is available?

Training & Development

For related professionals

‘Ron and Linda’

Hoarding disorder is the excessive and compulsive acquisition of items, and a persistent difficulty in letting go of possessions because of a perceived need or desire to save them. It becomes a significant problem when the amount of clutter in a person’s home interferes with their everyday living: affecting their health, safety and wellbeing.

Certified Training

We have developed a learning programme for practitioners that is accredited by The Royal Environmental Health Institute for Scotland.

“Great trainers – loads of useful tips.”

“Trainers are very knowledgeable and made the course really interesting and enjoyable.”

Our learning programme consists of:


(eLearning module) – Introduction level

1 Day

This course gives an overview of hoarding behaviours and characteristics, discusses interventions and treatments, and highlights the skills and competencies required to engage with and support people who hoard.

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People Who

Informed level

2 Days

This course helps participants to understand hoarding behaviour and other complex health conditions that result in clutter and disorganisation. The course also explores evidence-based interventions and treatments, and draws on the experiences of the participants in developing skills to work with people who hoard.

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Engaging With
People Who

Enhanced level

3 Days

This interactive course introduces participants to the theory, principles and practice of Motivational Interviewing to help people make positive change.
An eLearning module must be successfully completed in advance of the training days.

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Advanced level

7+ Days

This learning programme is designed to be completed in approx 12 months.
Part 1: Helping People Who Hoard
Part 2: Motivational Interviewing
Part 3 Practical skills; Ethics and standards; Collaborating with others
Part 4: Shared learning workshop

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Meet Linda

founder of Life-Pod

Extreme clutter and hoarding is much more common than people realise. An estimated 4-6% of the population is affected by hoarding issues; potentially 1 in 20 people in Scotland. Hoarding affects people from all socio, economic and ethnic backgrounds and is a complex co-morbid mental health condition.

Having spent the past 6 years helping people who live in severely cluttered homes. I know how important it is that they are aided by someone who understands the complexities of clutter and hoarding.

Hoarding behaviours usually starts in childhood and can be exacerbated by co-morbid health issues and traumatic life events. If not treated properly, hoarding gets worse with age and often leads to loneliness and isolation.

I set up Life-Pod in 2012 to support those who suffer from this complex condition and to raise awareness and offer training to frontline practitioners.

Linda Fay

International Conference 2018:
Hoarding, Health & Housing
Thursday 4 th October, Edinburgh

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Life-Pod App

Our innovative, easy-to-use app is designed to help people to reduce compulsive buying.

Key features include:

  • Setting motivational goals
  • Developing strategies to keep on track
  • Record details of purchases – what, when and how much
  • Ability to download and email journal entries

Download it now – it’s FREE!